"Boaz Vaadia"
Connaught Brown
October 24th - November 22th, 2008


Installation Shot


Connaught Brown Gallery in London, England hosted an exhibition of Boaz Vaadia works for the second time.

The main room of the gallery holds almost all the pieces represented in the show. Pictured here: "Ginnetoy 2nd" reclines against a boulder on the left; "Deqer 2nd" sits against the far wall; "Baraq with Cat" stands in the back on the right; and "Two Lambs" occupies the pedestal on the right;

Installation Shot


This image reveals one of Vaadia's earliest stone works now cast in bronze: "Solomon"


Installation Shot


Taken through the front window of the gallery we see "Ovadyahu". Look closely to see Boaz Vaadia's reflection as he holds the camera.

Installation Shot


"Avimelekh with Dog" stands in the right most window.

Connaught Brown
2 Abermarle Street
London, WIS 4HD, England
020-7408 0362



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