Installation of "Rahel and Binyamin" and "Shaul"
at the Nassau County Museum on Long Island, NY


The following photos describe the installation of Shaul and Rahel and Binyamin at the Nassau County Museum in Long Island.

These pieces are on an extended three-year loan to the museum courtesy of the Manney Collection.


The L.I.E.
The pieces are stabilized, wrapped in bubble-wrap, blankets and other padding. Wieghing in at 3,000 pounds apiece, they get a ride on the Long Island Expressway.


Arriving at the museum grounds.


The pieces are lifted of the truck and gently placed on a specially prepared concrete pad. The artist is present to oversee, inspect and give his approval as per the siting of the works.

Fork Close-up

Both works in place. Notice the Calder in the background.

For more information about the Nassau County Museum visit their website.

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