Installation of "Art in the Parks"
at Morningside Park, The Broadway Mall and Barnard College

leaving studio

On the morning of September 26th, 2007, two trucks pulled up to the Berry Street studio. One truck was equipped with a crane and the other with a forklift. Seven of Vaadia's large works were carefully loaded and prepared for the short trip to Morningside Heights in Manhattan.

On Berry Street

Here at Boaz Vaadia Studios, we always enjoy seeing these large works in common real life situations - like trying to get on to the BQE from Meeker Street in Brooklyn.

Yo'ah with Dog

The first stop was at Morningside Park to install Yo'ah with Dog at 114th Street near the entrance to the park.

Asa A clear indication of the crane in action lifting Asa into its location at 113th Street behind the playing field and between the road and the cliffs.
Ba'al & Yizhaq

The forklift in action placing Ba'al & Yizhaq on the cobblestone area near the park fence at 110th Street.


Ze'ev crosses the street to take a seat at the entrance way to Barnard College near Broadway between 117th and 118th Streets. All of the pieces in this show are part of the Boaz Vaadia Museum Collection which exists to preserve one of each of Vaadia's Bronzes and have them available for public display.

Asaf & Yo'ah

Finally the bronze, Asaf & Yo'ah makes a temporary home on the Broadway Mall between 117th and 118th Streets. All of these pieces are on display until January 1st, 2008.

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