Installation of "Asaf and Yo'ah"
at The Time Warner Center - South Tower
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At 8am on April 29th, 2004, "Asaf and Yo'ah" arrive on a flat bed truck in front of the Time Warner Center's South Residential Tower.

Inside Truck

The piece is lifted off the truck by crane. An A-frame gantry is built and the 3-ton sculpture is moved into position on the concrete pad.

Notice the blankets used to protect the marble and the reddish colored masonite boards used to protect the granite pavement tiles.

Fork Lift
Yo'ah's back leg is bolted into the concrete pad for safety and stability. The metal flange will be later covered in stone chips.

Fork Lift 2

Vaadia assembles Yo'ah on site. Here, he puts glue on certain layers of the leg.

Fork Close-up

Vaadia and the staff of More Specialized Transport assemble Yo'ah in several segments. They place the layers on threaded rods to insure stability.

Inside Studio

The layers are then bolted together. Only the top layer of the head remains to be added.

Inside Studio

Vaadia sits with the installed piece.

In the weeks to come lighting and plants will be added to the area around th base to complete the process.

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