The Shipping of Zadoq and Shim'on
August 11th, 2000

The following photos describe the shipping of Zadoq & Shim'on out of the studio. This piece was being sent for installation at Florida State University.

Here is Zadoq wrapped up and on a palate.

The bottom half of Shim'on is wrapped and boarded up. Notice the threaded steel rods where the rest of the piece will fit. It will be re-assembled on site.

These stone chips are from the original carving process of the piece. They will be spread around in a circle at the base of the sculpture.
Out in front of the studio, a shipping crew is contracted to load and haul the piece. The boulder here weighs about 5 tons!
The forklift carries Zadoq from his birthplace out into the world.

Ready to go.

Under the black tarp at the front of the truck are the stone chips and the upper half of Shim'on.

All 8 tons of this sculpture leave the studio as a resident of Berry Street looks on.

The piece will be on display at Florida State University for the next year and a half.

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