Building "Avi"
Studio View


Here's a shot of the back wall of the studio. Vaadia finds it is important to preserve a sense of peace and serenity in this part of his work place.


Here Vladimir and Vadim are cutting boulders to the desired shape to be used with "#50 - Eli'ezer."

These next photos show how Vaadia bolts together a stone sculpture. This one is called "Avi." Although this photo looks finished it is actually the beginning of the drilling process.

Drilling through the head where Vaadia will run threaded rods.

Drilling though the rest of the sculpture.
A close-up of individual layers of the work after the drilling.
Here all the layers are laid out in order before placing them on the boulder to the right. Notice that the boulder has already been prepared with the threaded steel rods.
The piece begins to take shape again as Vaadia restacks it onto the steel rods.

Vaadia is seen here cutting bolts as necessary to insure a secure fit and to remove unnecessary metal.

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