We are thrilled to introduce a new bi-monthly feature looking back at Boaz Vaadia's stellar career, featuring special moments, outstanding installations, and a half century's worth of creative output.

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First up...

Boaz Vaadia's 1995 installation featured in the first ever White House sculpture garden, created by First Lady Hillary Clinton and located in the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden. One of twelve sculptures chosen, Vaadia’s "Zur with Dog" came from the collection of the Norton Gallery of Art in West Palm Beach.

Fun fact - when Vaadia’s daughter, age 4, was told she was about to visit the White House for the ceremony, she exclaimed “but I'd rather go to Grandma’s house!”

Photographed above is Boaz Vaadia and Kim Vaadia with First Lady Hillary Clinton at the Opening of the White House Sculpture Garden.

"The 12 Sculptures from the Southeast Region of the United States reflect and celebrate the special genius of American artists and their enduring capacity to stir our imagination and touch our hearts." -Hillary Clinton

Available now on Amazon, Boaz Vaadia: Sculpture. This recently published book, with text by Wendy Steiner and a forward by Tom Moran, is in conjunction with Grounds for Sculpture's 2016 exhibition which featured the most comprehensive presentation of Vaadia's work to date, including his trajectory from abstraction to figuration.

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