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(Click photo below to view Vaadia's Shani on The Metropolitan Museum of Art website)

Shani, Bluestone and Water, 1986 (The collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Shani, a bluestone sculpture by Boaz Vaadia, became part of the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1987. Shani was initially exhibited in Vaadia's first exhibition of figurative work, his 1986 solo show at Ivan Karp's OK Harris gallery in Soho, New York. The exhibition which sold out within three hours, was the first of decades of solo shows worldwide. We are pleased to announce that these exhibitions will continue indefinitely, with several gallery and museum exhibitions already planned for London, Florida and Israel.

About his transition from abstraction to figuration, Vaadia said in a 2013 video titled The Minds of Makers: Boaz Vaadia (Link below) - “It was quite an exciting moment for me when I realized that I actually could go back to figurative work and still have the respect for the way the bluestone and slate are formed in nature.” 

The Minds of Makers : Boaz Vaadia


Pictured here in Vaadia’s Soho/Broadway loft studio circa 1986, a young neighbor from whom his sculpture SHANI was conceptualized.


Available now on Amazon, Boaz Vaadia: Sculpture. This recently published book, with text by Wendy Steiner and a forward by Tom Moran, is in conjunction with Grounds for Sculpture's 2016 exhibition which featured the most comprehensive presentation of Vaadia's work to date, including his trajectory from abstraction to figuration.


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